T6 Front Splitter Late SS

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2019 - 2020 Chevrolet Camaro SS


The ACS Camaro T6 SS Splitter for the 2019 Camaro SS
This 2019+ Camaro front splitter can be installed on any Camaro SS 2019-2020. Manufactured in RTM Composite, ACS COmposite guarantees a high quality aftermarket Camaro front splitter in the T6 SS Splitter.
At higher speeds the ACS T6 Splitter efficiently directs air around the front end while creating downforce for enhanced control. Additionally, we designed a raised central portion of the splitter to help avoid hitting steep driveways. In doing so, the airflow of the horizontally mounted transmission cooler is greater for added cooling..
  • Enhanced aerodynamic performance.
  • Manufactured in ACS' RTM composite technology.
  • Installs within 15 minutes. Uses the OEM mounting bolts.

Optional Winglets / Deflectors:

Add our optional ACS deflector series to your 209-20 Camaro front splitter for greater aerodynamic performance. The concept of wind deflectors came from commercial jetliners, which facilitated the airflow off the end of the wing causing drag. This enabled jets to efficiently move through air. The same principal applies with our deflectors.

Two variants are available: Stage 2 which is our conservative option and our Stage 3 deflector which is more aggressive, and provides the greatest amount of aerodynamic function.