Speedster Tonneau

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2014 - 2019 C7 Corvette Convertible


Turn your C7 into a speedster and reduce highway air turbulence so you can enjoy your Sunday ride with the top down. The ACS design is an add-on piece to the original Tonneau cover, designed to operate around the convertible top mechanism in both open and close articulations. Once bolted, you’ll be able to enjoy its functionality, hassle free operation, and of-course, styling benefits.

The ACS Speedster Tonneau Cover features:

  • Reduced air turbulence for the driver and passenger, commonly referred to as back draft in the cabin.
  • Maintain cabin temperatures.
  • Sleek speedster design with enhanced tonneau bumps that match seat height.
  • Installed without any modification, and is fully-reversible.
  • Always ready for use; tucks under the convertible top.
  • Polycarbonate raised rear glass.
  • Manufactured in ACS’ proprietary RTM process.
  • CAD designed and tested for optimal fit finish, and performance.
  • Available in Carbon Flash Metallic Black or in a primer finish to be color matched.

Installation is simple, no special tools are required, factory-mounting points are used to secure the ACS Speedster Tonneau Insert. No drilling, or sticky tape to deal with. It takes only a few minutes using a 8mm and 10mm socket to replace the carbon flash black inserts with the dual bump Speedster Tonneau Insert with the integrated rear glass.

Surface Finish

  • Primer Finish: Shipped in a dark grey primer finish. Surface has been sanded and primed twice ready for a professional painter to final sand and color match to your C7.
  • CFZ: Carbon Flash Metallic Black top coat. Same color used on most of the C7 trim pieces such as the hood insert, front grill and rear diffuser panel.
  • Color matched color, Reach out to us to inquire about other colors and availability.