Titanium Tow Hook

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2014-2019 C7 Corvette Built after 12/14/14


Our Titanium tow hook is 1/2 the weight of our steel offering. The shafts are made of high grade Titanium with an Aluminum D-ring that is anodized in RED or BLACK with "TOW" imprinted on one side.

This product fits the front or rear of the Corvette Z51, Z06, Grand Sport and ZR1. 

Z51 Owners: Your car must have been built after 12/14/14 to have front and rear receivers. We do have receivers for the Corvette with out them.

Note: The long shaft is used for the front but will work in rear if needed as it's universal. We do offer a set of unique front and rear shafts if you want both front and rear tow hooks mounted at the same time.