T3/S Bumper Ports Early SS

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2010 - 2013 Camaro SS


DIY Kits and Components

A set of intake ports with inner panel installation rings, adhesive and instructions are included. Install should be performed by a qualified body-shop. Specialized tools such as a standard caulking gun dispenser, a series of clamps and rulers are required.

T3/S Components are designed to fit Camaro SS V8 Bumpers
Very similar to our original T3 Bumper ports, our T3/s ports have the same famous look, but with a "shorter" tunnel. Don't let the smaller size scare you, smaller can be better, if you use it right. The solid rear panel can now be used to mount a family of lighting options including the stock OEM DRL light or Eagle-T set up. No need to purchase extra brackets or install extra components. Simply use our supplied templates to trim the various layouts for your very own custom lighting setup and let cold air into the engine compartment.
Final visual appearance is practically identical to our T3 at a reduced price, yes shorter is smarter.
T3/s Bumper Ports
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