T4 Splitter Early SS

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2010 - 2013 Camaro SS


The easiest splitter installation on the market. The ACS-T4 Splitter is latest product driven by enthusiast demand. Installs on all Camaro SS front fascias and will not lower the vehicle's ride height.

  • Improves airflow for greater downforce.
  • Mounts using a series of supplied split rivets.
  • Does not require the front fascia to be removed.
  • Installation time is under 15 minutes.

ACS-T4 Deflectors (33-4-113) can be added for improved side airflow. 

ACS-T4 Undertray (33-4-115) can be added for greater downforce with a perfectly flat and smooth underside. 

The ACS-T4 Splitter is one of the many splitter options for our ACS-T3/s Bumper Assembly (33-4-04)