ACS Spoiler Wickerbill

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2016 - 2018 Camaro with ACS Spoiler


The Benefits:

The Wicker Conversion kit is a must have mod after you've done the ACS Rear Deck Spoiler. If down-force is key, the wicker conversion is the logical upgrade for any track going Camaro owner. 

Package includes two larger spoiler end wickers along bolts and riv nuts for a complete upgrade.

Complements existing components 

Parts are made in RTM injection and painted ‘Gloss Black’ specifically in order to match the Camaro's trim pieces such as the hood insert, front grills and rear diffuser on SS2 optioned cars.

Once fitted, you'll certainly draw attention both at the track and the show field. 

Easy and clean install

  • Wickers are designed to be installed on either our Gen6 Spoiler 48-4-013 or 48-4-015.
  • Drilling to the spoiler is required to install the supplied  riv-nuts.