ACS ZL1 Splitter winglets

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2016 - 2020 Camaro with ACS ZL1 Splitter


The ACS S2 deflector is a sleek winglet designed for the  SS-ZL1 Splitter. A sleek design following the lines of the splitter with an integrated vent hole on the its side. e.
The Stage 2 deflector is manufactured in RTM composite, and is available in primer, and gloss black.

The Stage 3 Deflectors are the most aero-efficient of the ACS deflectors. They will work with the ZL1-SS front splitter. They are larger than the Stage 2 deflectors and therefore create a menacing look to the Camaro's front end. 

The larger S3 Deflectors are designed to improve frontal downforce while pressurizing air to release a stream of cool air to help cool off the front braking system..