Enhanced front wheel splash guards

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2014 - 2019 C7 Corvette


ACS Enhanced Front Splash Guards for the Corvette C7

Sold as a set; each set includes a Passenger and Driver Side. Rear GM Splash guards are optional and can be added for a complete protection package. 

The Problem:

The GM splash guards do NOT cover enough of the side paneling of the Corvette. Even more so with Stingrays that are fitted with side rockers. GM splash guards leave the front leading edge of the rocker exposed and vulnerable to erosion. See image below: 
Notice how the GM splash guard is not sufficiently long enough to prevent damage to the rockers, and more so to the Z06 Rear Brake Scoop & Stingrays fitted with ACS' Z06 Brake Scoop. See image below: 

This is devastating when rocks are flung upwards by the sticky C7 tires. Thankfully, our design team created a solution to avoid such disasters. 

Our Solution:

Our splash guards are 15mm longer and 30% wider than the GM splash guards; thus, the side paneling and brake scoop are protected from rocks flinging towards them. For the Z06, we designed the splash guards to curve, which offers more protection to the rear scoop. In combination with our side rockers, rock chipping can be drastically reduced.

Ingenious Compatibility:

The ACS splash guards are injected in an ABS-PC black plastic texture. Meticulously designed to match the current trim pieces on the C7, and Z06 front fender extensions or the rear GM splash guards. Therefore, if customers already have them, then they need only to upgrade the front.

Rapid Installation:

ACS enhanced splash guards are installed within 30 minutes! Mudflaps are fastened using 3 screws already located on your car. These are currently used to fasten the wheel liner to the fender flange. The mechanical fasteners were selected for its tighter pull to the wheel liner compared to the OEM pressure clip. The tight fit ensures no pebbles can infiltrate between the two, which will otherwise lead to audible rattling. 

Elegant Design:

Our enhanced splash guards are beautifully styled to match the sleek contoured design of the C7. The injected black ABS components not only match GM rear guards but also look the business! If you are looking to make your piece stand out from the rest, then the splash guards are offered in a Carbon Flash Black finish that will truly stand out from the rest!