E-Force Supercharger System

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2016 - 2018 Camaro SS


May look cosmetically different than product image

455 horsepower not enough? Take an already high performance street car to the next level with an Edelbrock E-Force Supercharger! These supercharger systems are exclusively tailored for the 2016+ Camaro SS and feature 12" long intake runners that allow for maximum low end torque. Its compact design fits under the stock hood and compliments the clean look of the engine compartment.

Edelbrock Installation Note INSTALLATION NOTE: 2017-Later Chevy Camaro SS Supercharger Systems WILL REQUIRE the ECM to be sent in for modification... NO HANDHELD PROGRAMMER INCLUDEDThis process can take up to 5 days from the time your ECU is received!

Supercharger systems sold without tunes are only emissions legal when used with the correct Edelbrock tune, which can be downloaded on the supercharger tech support page. Convertible installations will require the use of Edelbrock Convertible Brace #15956 (sold separately). E-Force systems #1562/#1563/#15620/#15630/#1596/#1599 feature a low profile top for use with 2014-15 models to accommodate the vent on the factory hood.