ZL1 side skirts

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2016 - 2020 Camaro
Upgrade your Gen6 Camaro with the ACS ZL1 Side Rockers, and give your car the track proven look it deserves. Made from our patented RTM composite material, which combines quality, durability and smooth finish for functional support to all Camaro drivers. This ground effects addition will set your Camaro apart from the competition, and turn heads driving down the freeway.


The ACS ZL1 Side Rockers were designed using OEM spec data for you with the perfect fit to the side of the Camaro. Don't settle for loosely fitting parts, when you can have side skirts that directly bolt up to the side, as if it came straight from the lot! 


The ZL1 is GM's track proven car from top to bottom. By adding those components to your Camaro it you will enhance it's already aggressive stance. At higher speeds, the ZL1 Side Rockers efficiently direct air toward the rear, as well as maintain the laminar properties of air to create down-force for added handling and enhanced control.
Moreover, side skirts act as protection against road debris such as stones and pebbles, which threaten the paint work on the side of your Camaro. By adding the ACS ZL1 Side Rockers, you can prevent the majority of paint chips from occuring as the side skirts will 'catch' the debris from being shot-up from underneath.
  • Enhanced aerodynamic performance.
  • Manufactured in ACS' RTM composite technology.
  • Installs within 15 minutes. Uses supplied split rivets.
  • Fits Gen6 Camaro