Upper Rear Quarter Ports

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2010 - 2015 Camaro


Our upper rear quarter ports represent a sleek, menacing feature for your Camaro’s rear end that mimics the trademark gill slits found on the Stingray! It goes without saying that this is a must for any 5th generation Camaro owner looking to add bite to their rear end!

Components and fitting

As always our ACS components are designed with swift and easy fitting in mind. The outer rear quarter panel will need to be trimmed using an easy template that is supplied. The kit includes all that is needed for the conversion:

  • Outer Port
  • Port Plenum
  • Drain Hose
  • Octagonal Mesh Insert
  • Templates
  • Adhesive
  • Instructions

Manufacturing and design

ACS align our dedication to detail and diligent design practice with OEM data and our trademark manufacturing process using RTM composite material and smooth finishes creating aerodynamic components that find a perfect balance between efficiency, elegance and ease of assembly.

We keep all of our manufacturing within North America, using locally sourced raw materials, ensuring scrutiny and quality at each stage of the process and maximizing communication efficiency with our manufacturers. All of our aerodynamic components meet the GM criteria for 7 year durability and are fully prepped and primed with optional extras such as satin black finishes, where relevant.