Clevite Ford Pass 98 1.6L 4 Cyl 1971-80 Con Rod Bearing Set
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Clevite Ford Pass 98 1.6L 4 Cyl 1971-80 Con Rod Bearing Set

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Clevite Ford Pass 98 1.6L 4 Cyl 1971-80 Con Rod Bearing SetThis Part Fits: Year Make...
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Clevite Ford Pass 98 1.6L 4 Cyl 1971-80 Con Rod Bearing Set
Clevite Ford Pass 98 1.6L 4 Cyl 1971-80 Con Rod Bearing Set

This Part Fits:

Year Make Model Submodel
1948-1950 Dodge B-1 DU
1950 Dodge B-1 DUL
1950 Dodge B-1 DULF
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 EU
1950 Dodge B-1 EUL
1950 Dodge B-1 EULF
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 Truck B
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 Truck C
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 Truck D
1948-1949 Dodge B-1 Truck Power Wagon
1950 Dodge B-2 B
1950 Dodge B-2 C
1950 Dodge B-2 D
1950 Dodge B-2 DU
1950 Dodge B-2 EU
1950 Dodge B-2 FL
1950 Dodge B-2 Power Wagon
1951-1952 Dodge B-3 B
1951-1952 Dodge B-3 C
1951-1952 Dodge B-3 D
1951-1952 Dodge B-3 FL
1951-1952 Dodge B-3 Power Wagon
1951-1952 Dodge B-3 Van DU
1951-1952 Dodge B-3 Van DUF
1951-1952 Dodge B-3 Van DUL
1951-1952 Dodge B-3 Van DULF
1951-1952 Dodge B-3 Van EU
1951-1952 Dodge B-3 Van EUL
1951-1952 Dodge B-3 Van EULF
1953 Dodge B-4 DU
1953 Dodge B-4 DUF
1953 Dodge B-4 DUL
1953 Dodge B-4 DULF
1953 Dodge B-4 EU
1953 Dodge B-4 EUL
1953 Dodge B-4 Truck B
1953 Dodge B-4 Truck C
1953 Dodge B-4 Truck D
1954 Dodge C-1 DU
1954-1955 Dodge C-1 DU6
1954-1955 Dodge C-1 DUL6
1954 Dodge C-1 EU
1954-1955 Dodge C-1 EUL6
1954 Dodge C-1 Truck B
1954 Dodge C-1 Truck C
1954-1955 Dodge C-1 Truck D
1954-1956 Dodge C-3 B
1954-1956 Dodge C-3 C
1954-1956 Dodge C-3 D
1955 Dodge C-3 DU
1955 Dodge C-3 DUL
1955 Dodge C-3 EUL
1956 Dodge C-4 B
1956 Dodge C-4 C
1956 Dodge C-4 D
1968 Dodge Charger Base
1949-1959 Dodge Coronet Base
1946-1948,1957-1958 Dodge Custom Base
1942 Dodge Custom Series D-22 Base
1957-1959 Dodge D100 Pickup Base
1960 Dodge D100 Series Base
1957-1959 Dodge D200 Pickup Base
1960 Dodge D200 Series Base
1957-1959 Dodge D300 Pickup Base
1960 Dodge D300 Series Base
1946-1948 Dodge Deluxe Base
1942 Dodge Deluxe Series D-22 Base
1949-1954 Dodge Meadowbrook Base
1957-1958 Dodge P300 Series Base
1960 Dodge P300 Van Base
1958-1959 Dodge P310 Series Base
1958 Dodge P320 Series Base
1957 Dodge P400 Series Base
1958 Dodge P410 Series Base
1958 Dodge P420 Series Base
1950-1959 Dodge Power Wagon Base
1957-1960 Dodge Truck Base
1957-1959 Dodge W100 Pickup Base
1960 Dodge W100 Series Base
1957-1959 Dodge W200 Pickup Base
1960 Dodge W200 Series Base
1957-1959 Dodge W300 Pickup Base
1960 Dodge W300 Series Base
1949-1952 Dodge Wayfarer Base
1942-1947 Dodge WC Base
1942-1950 Dodge WD15 Base
1942,1946-1947 Dodge WD20 Base
1942,1946-1947 Dodge WD21 Base
1946-1947 Dodge WDX Base
1958-1960 Dodge Wm300 Power Wagon Base
1953-1959 Plymouth Belvedere Base
1951-1953 Plymouth Cambridge Base
1951-1952 Plymouth Concord Base
1951-1952 Plymouth Concord Deluxe
1951-1952 Plymouth Concord Special Savoy
1951-1953 Plymouth Cranbrook Base
1949-1951 Plymouth Deluxe Base
1956-1959 Plymouth Fury Base
1942 Plymouth P14S Deluxe Base
1946-1948 Plymouth P15 Deluxe Base
1954-1958 Plymouth Plaza Base
1953-1959 Plymouth Savoy Base
1949-1950 Plymouth Special Deluxe Base
1949-1959 Plymouth Suburban Base
1956-1959 Plymouth Suburban Custom
1956-1959 Plymouth Suburban Deluxe
1956-1958 Plymouth Suburban Sport
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