Dash Camera

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*Parking mode (with additional parts)
*Front Camera (139° angle view)
*Capacity 16gb/32gb/64gb/128gb

The DR590W-1CH records Full HD 1080p 60FPS videos at a 139-degree wide view angle. With the Sony STARVIS™ imaging sensor, you get awesome image clarity day and night. The DRT590W-1CH has a built-in WiFi that allow you to connect the camera to your BlackVue App available for iOS/Android to adjust settings and download videos to your phone.

The DR590W-1CH records super fluid videos at a high frame rate of 60 frames per second.
This means videos look more lifelike and the dashcam can better catch details in fast moving objects thanks to reduced motion blur.

The DR590W-1CH is compatible with Parking Mode. In Parking Mode, your dashcam monitors your parked vehicle, recording videos when it detects movement or impact. It also includes the few seconds before the triggering event, thanks to buffered recording. You will need a Power Magic Pro or Power Magic Battery Pack to enable this feature.