Feather lite Tow Hook

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2020 - 2021 C8 Corvette (all models)


Our 2020-2021 C8 Corvette Feather Lite tow hooks utilize an updated sleek and lighter design that retains our tried and true form and function. Available with our billet aluminum D-ring powder coated in either red or black. 
Product directly threads into the factory Tow Hook locations. No drilling or modification needed to use this product. 

Build Quality:

  • Feather Lite: Custom billet aluminum powder coated D-ring fastened directly to a black chromoly steel shaft with stainless hardware.

Additional Notes:

  • Tow Hook may block the passenger side camera view when installed
  • Our D-ring will not rub or hit the grill/bumper and the heim-join will be shipped tightly fastened. The D-ring can be removed for cleaning if desired.
  • Meets SCSA 2 inch requirement!
  • You can also add a front license plate holder to the receiver.
  • This product is the same as our C7 tow hooks and the C7 offering will work for the C8 vehicles.

Note: The long shaft is used for the front but will work in rear if needed as it's universal. We do offer a set of unique front and rear shafts if you want both front and rear tow hooks mounted at the same time.