Fender Insert w/side marker

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2016 - 2020 Camaro


Fender Insert with LED Side Marker

With subtlety in mind, ACS desigFned the inserts to not overpower the strong lines found on the current generation 6 Camaros. The bottom portion of the fender insert follows the lower line of the side fender and door to create a flow that appears intentional. Its size also centers itself between the two dominate lines on the side paneling of the Camaro.


Fender vents are functional letting airflow through our mesh grille. Includes an integrated LED side marker for a bold distinctive look while adding extra safety for lane changing and is responsive to car locking/unlocking.

The ACS fender inserts are manufactured in ABS-PC plastic. This ensures every insert is flawlessly crafted as designed. Installation requires the fenders to be trimmed. A template is included in the package to guide the process.

Horizontal grill bars match the bars found in the hood vent inserts on the SS. Option to leave the ACS logo exposed on the designated landing or Camaro flag insignia can be re-installed.

Available in two surface finishes:
  • Primer (to be painted)
  • Gloss Black
Package includes:
  • Outer Fender Panel, Driver Side
  • Inner Fender Panel, Driver Side
  • Outer Fender Panel, Passenger Side
  • Inner Fender Panel, Passenger Side
  • Driver Side LED Side Marker
  • Passenger Side LED Side Marker
  • Windshield washer bottle carbon wrap
  • Touch-up paint
  • Digital Templates
  • 12 Speed Washers