Carbon fiber Front Splitter

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2019 - 2021 C8 Corvette



C8 Front Splitter | Visible Carbon Fiber (5VM) | Original Equipment

The Visible Carbon Fiber Splitter (LPO 5VM) is the epitome of racing performance. Forged using pre-preg carbon, the C8 visible carbon is the part you've been missing on your Corvette C8 Stingray midengine build.  

The C8 was built with the splitter design in mind, so why should you be driving with anything less? The front ground effect generates enough downforce to truly put the performance of the midengine to ooze out onto the road. Take corners as you've never taken them, and show what an American-made vehicle can do to its European counterparts.

Why Carbon Fiber?

Known for its light-weight and rigid properties, carbon fiber is the ideal material to use for ground effects. Without adding much weight to the car you are not negatively impacting the performance. However, the design of the splitter guides airflow downwards on the nose of the C8 to ensure that the car is stuck to the road delivering the optimal performance.