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High Performance Axles

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2004 - 2007 CTS


High performance axles

Need a solution to broken axles? Just as many have found, it doesn't take much to break an axle in these cars. With 400 horsepower on tap straight from the factory and a curb weight of almost 4000 pounds, the OE axles are short lived if you take your car to the track.

The axles are designed to not only improve the strength, but the functionality as well. By using an innovative bolt-together inner axle stub design, G-Force axle packages are totally modular. All the parts between the 2 packages are interchangeable so if you ever want to up-grade, each component is available individually. Both kits use the OE-inspired big axle/little axle design to minimize wheel-hop.

Level 2 Axle Packages are rated to 800 HP.