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Motor Mount Polyelast

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2008 - 2009 G8

2014 - 2017 SS Sedan


Polyelast motor mount kit

SuperPro's Polyelast Motor Mount Kit gives you a great blend of comfort and performance. The Polyelast polyurethane material is strong enough to handle high horsepower levels, yet compliant enough for a comfortable, quiet ride. This material reduced deflection compared to the factory oil-filled engine mounts. The reduction in engine deflection will allow more power and torque to transfer through the chassis. This also gives you increased throttle response.

All SuperPro bushings come with a “Lifetime Warranty, with no exclusions”. For more information, visit or contact BMR Suspension for details.

- Made from SuperPro's Polyelast polyurethane
- Reduced engine deflection
- Increased throttle response
- Increased performance without big increases in NVH
- Lifetime warranty