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2015 - 2019 S550 Mustang Performance Pack Level 1

Note: This product will NOT fit the PP2 (Performance Pack Level 2) spoiler


 New Product! This is our new Mustang 18-19 Performance Pack Level 1 Wicker Bill. Made of 3/16 Lexan with black sub wicker and clear smoke center section. Comes with all needed standard black stainless steel bolts.  Spoiler Not Included.

     Product Finish:

    • Standard: Our standard edge has a hand machined finished edge. The material is a solid black finish that is gloss on both sides. The center piece of the wicker has a very light tinted (see through) finish.
    • Dark Tint: Our dark tint has our standard edge that is hand machined finished. The material for the sub wicker is a dark tinted (see through) finish and the center section has a very light tinted (see through) finish.  


        • Standard Black: Our Wicker Bills ship with our standard black hardware that utilize a phillips head bolt that install into a 10/32 Rivet Nut.
        • Stealth Hardware is not available for this product.

        Installation Tools/Details:

        • The installation of our Wicker Bills does require some mechanical skill. For the install a drill, 11/64 drill bit, screw driver, tape measure and Rivet Nut Tool with a 10/32 adapter are required. 

        Install Guide: