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Pinion Support Brace

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2004 - 2007 CTS-V


Pinion Support Brace

Increase U-joint life, launch consistency, and overall driveline efficiency with a pinion support brace from BMR Suspension. The factory first gen CTS-V front differential bushings controls pinion movement, but the soft factory rubber bushing allows for excessive pinion rise. This can lead to shortened U-joint life, as well as unwanted NVH. BMR’s Pinion Support Brace (PSB001) greatly reduces pinion rise, giving you a much more stable feel. The pinion support brace uses a 95-durometer polyurethane to limit pinion movement. This eliminates the “spongy” feeling you get when power is applied to the chassis. This also increases throttle response as the differential bushing deflection is dramatically reduced.

BMR designed the PSB001 for street performance, drag race, and handling applications. The polyurethane bushings reduces deflection and pinion rise, giving you a much more responsive feel. When simply releasing the clutch at idle with the brake on, the stock, unsupported pinion measures up to two degrees of deflection. Aggressive driving loads this bushing significantly more allowing up to four degrees of pinion deflection before the OE bushing bottoms out. The pinion support brace reduces the power wasted, getting more power to the ground. When performance is a must, rely on BMR Suspension!

BMR Suspension PSB001 Pinion Support Brace is available in black hammertone or red powdercoat. Installation time is about 1 hour. 

- Greatly reduces the deflection of the front differential bushing
- Reduces pinion rise
- 100-percent bolt-on
- Uses a 95-durometer polyurethane bushing
- Increases throttle response
- Extends the life of the factory U-joints
- Durable powdercoat finish