Splitter Extension Late Model

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2015 - 2018 Dodge Charger


This is our NEW front splitter extension and side skirts for front fender for the Charger Hellcat or SRT body and the standard body and RT. It is made of 3/8 HDPE very tough  plastic, and also has front fender flair extensions. Comes with all mounting hardware. NOTE: sides and rear splitters are 1/4 inch HDPE. If you would like the side skirts in 3/8 rather than 1/4, just make a not in the shopping cart. We have 3/8 material in stock at some now and then.

NO NEED TO REMOVE FRONT FASCIA to install.  DOES NOT come with extension rods, but you can install them if you like. Requires a riv nut gun to install riv nuts for the rear mount. 

Note: This product will mount flat at first and will confirm over time to the front fascia design as the product is designed to provide actual down-force. If you would like to keep the design flat, you will need to install splitter rods.