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2019 - 2020 Camaro SS, ZL1


 The Camaro SS & ZL1 2019 ACS Gen6 Rear Deck Spoiler 

The ACS design team created a rear deck spoiler that complements the trademark strong and sophisticated lines of this 6th generation vehicle; An integrated profile that hugs the side arches of the Camaro, a central reverse-mohawk following the roof line, and an integrated molded wicker for improved down force. 

The stock spoiler does not suit the aggressive look of the new Camaro. the 3 mounting points creates a weak spoiler that allows too much air to pass through and not generating enough downforce on the rear end. The ACS spoiler is designed to force air above and force pressure downwards for added control.


  • Will only fit Camaro's without the Rear Mirror Camera (Standard equipment on 2SS and Zl1, and optional on other models). Camera is located on the rear spoiler central pedestal.

  • Manufactured in ACS’ trademark OEM-validated RTM composite material.
  • Enhanced down-force due to the removal of underneath pockets found on the stock spoiler, which let air pass through.
  • Spoiler is fully primed using a vinyl ester grey primer to be painted, or is available in a sleek Mosaic Black and Gloss Black finish.
  • Direct bolt on with no required modifications.