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Trinity 2 Platinum Programmer

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2005 - 2014 S197 Mustang



The all-new Trinity (T2) Platinum is the most advanced performance programmer and monitoring setup of its kind. Featuring a high resolution, 5 capacitive touch screen, full swipe functionality, industry-leading gauge designs, jaw dropping power potential and powerful, yet simple, user interface. The T2 is unlike anything else on the market.

The Trinity T2 Platinumis designed for those who want the best of both worlds, pre-loaded, high-performance tunes in addition to custom tuning capability. The T2 Platinum is already equipped with some of the best tuning right out of the box, but we know our customers like to bolt-on upgrades and extract every bit of horsepower out of their vehicles. That is where CMR custom tuning comes in. Our nationwide network of CMR custom tuning dealers can build tunes for your specific ride on a dyno or by using the built-in data logging features of the Trinity. Now you can have great tunes for out of the box, and custom tunes, for when you take your ride to the next level with the Trinity T2 Platinum.

WARNING:This product is not street legal and may only be used on Racing Vehicles. Racing Vehicles must be used exclusively for racing or other forms of competition. Racing vehicles must not be registered and must never be used on the street. It is illegal to install this product on a registered vehicle and use it on the street.

  • 91 Octane Performance Tune: 18HP 23TQ (4.6L)
  • Premium Fuel Cold Air Intake Tune: 30HP 35TQ (4.6L)
  • 87 Octane Performance Tune: 12HP 12TQ (4.6L)
  • 91 Octane Performance Tune: 13HP 18TQ (5.0L)
  • 87 Octane Performance Tune: 10HP 12TQ (5.0L)
  • Touch Screen - Y
  • Data Logging - Y
  • Check Clear DTCs - Y
  • Accepts Custom Tunes from CMR - Y
  • Calibrate Speedometer for Gear Ratio - Y
  • Calibrate Speedo for Tire Size - Y
  • Cooling Fan Control - Y
  • Disable Traction Control - Y
  • Fuel Rich/Lean Adjustment - Y
  • Spark Timing Advance/Retard - Y
  • Idle RPM - Y
  • Top Speed Limiter - Y
  • Rev Limiter - Y
  • Shift Points - Y
  • Torque Management Adjustment - Y
  • MAF Curve Adjustment - Y