Z06 Rear Fascia Extensions

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2014 - 2019 C7 Corvette Z06, Grand Sport


Z06 / Grand Sport Rear Fascia Extensions

The ACS Composite rear fascia extensions enhance the ground effects on your C7. The extensions creates a continuation effect from your splitter to rockers, and now to the rear. The result is a balanced ground effect look from the front to the rear of the C7 Stingray. Detail to complete your aero package, and designed to cover any rock chips to your rear fascia due to debris projected from the rear tires. 

Manufacturing and Fitment

The rear fascia extensions are manufactured in an ABS-PC similar to the C7's rear diffuser material. ABS is an excellent material that remains rigid overtime, resistant to road debris chipping, and is relatively weightless compared to other components.

Additionally, the ACS rear fascia extensions are designed using GM's C7 data for that perfect fit that ACS prides itself on. No modifications are needed to be done to the fascia or product.

 Key Points

  • Manufactured in an OEM-validated ABS-PC composite material
  • Pre-painted in Carbon Flash Metallic Black to match all C7 black pieces (diffuser), ground effects, etc.
  • Installs with existing OEM mounting bolts from the rear diffuser, and two supplied aluminium split rivets.