ZL1 Splitter SS

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SKU 48-4-031
2016 - 2020 Camaro SS
ACS ZL1 Splitter for the Gen6 Camaro 
Upgrade your Camaro with the ACS ZL1 Front Splitter, and give your car the track proven look it deserves. Made from our patented composite material, which combines quality and durability for functional support to all Camaro drivers. This front end addition will set your Camaro apart from the competition, and turn heads driving down the freeway.


The ACS ZL1 splitter was designed using GM data providing you with the perfect fit for your front end. Don't settle for loosely fitting parts when you can have a splitter that bolts up to your front fascia, as if it came straight from the lot! 

The ZL1 is GM's track proven car from top to bottom. By adding these components to the SS, it is only natural that the performance of your SS will be increased! At higher speeds, the ZL1 Splitter efficiently directs air around the front end while creating down-force for enhanced control. 
  • Enhanced aerodynamic performance.
  • Manufactured in ACS' RTM composite technology.
  • Installs within 15 minutes. 
  • Non-Zl1 Camaro front fascias.

For Added Rigidity and Aerodynamic Performance:

Add the enhanced under-tray option to reap the benefits of a functional aerodynamic splitter by keeping all edges smooth and directing air with the minimum amount of turbulence.

Additionally, the undertray increases the rigidity of the component to withstand the dreadful driveway bump and scrapes. The under-tray also has inverted louvers to not only enhance the horizontally mounted radiator cooling capacity, but protect it from road debris. Revised brake cooling ducts and added extra mounting points are also integrated in the upgrade.

Note: Splitter and under-tray can be purchased separately; Under-tray can only be installed to the Zl1-SS Splitter with the bracket provisions installed (48-4-029).

Optional Winglets / Deflectors:

Complete the aero upgrade with either the Stage 2 or Stage 3 deflectors, and not-to-mention add some styling points.

The concept of wind deflectors came from commercial jetliners, which facilitated the airflow off the end of the wing causing drag. This enabled jets to efficiently move through air. The same principal applies with our deflectors.

Two variants are available: Stage 2 which is our conservative option and our Stage 3 deflector which is more aggressive, and provides the greatest amount of aerodynamic function.